#PutCommunityFirst - Retain Department for Communtiy and Voluntary Sector

Step One Select your constituency


Contact your local TD using this template and re-iterate how important it is that the sector is supported, in order to support vulnerable people, throughout the next Programme for Government. It is more important than ever that we put community supports, and all those who rely on them, first. #PutCommunityFirst 

Integral to this is the retention of a senior cabinet Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector. 

There is no doubt in our minds how vital charities, community and voluntary organisations and social enterprises are. Use this opportunity to stand together and defend our sector, before it is too late. Let us send the very clear message – We want the next Programme for Government to  #PutCommunityFirst 


In particular, make sure your local TD knows about the work that your charity, community and voluntary organisation, or social enterprise has done to support people throughout the COVID -19 crisis, and how vital this work will be into the recovery - Please edit the template below to include details of the incredible work being done at a local level - the more peronal, localised detail, the more convincing a case your email will make. 

Remember, 79 TD's elected on 8 Feb signed our Stronger Communities, Stronger Ireland manifesto. We must ensure this commitment is followed through in Programme for Government negotiations. See who signed here.

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